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Jewish Businesses of Kerhonkson and Wawarsing

What were some of the names of the Jewish businesses that were on Main  Street in the 20's - 60's   and who were the families that owned them ?   Please send photos if you have .

This from Neal, Thank you Neal !

50's - 60's

Law Offices, Phillip Korn and Saul Altoltz

Dr. Alfred Feldshuh, medical office

Harold Lipton's food market

Martin Schuster's pharmacy

Hyman Gutkin's barber shop

David Karp's clothing store

Sidney Rothenberg's convenience store

Emanuel "Mendy" Samuels Service Station

Bill Kopp, Kopp's of Kerhonkson Realty

Solomon Shapiro's dental office

Leonard Pomerantz insurance

Herbert Poppel appliance sales

Ed and Marge Weiss liquor store

Henry Feinberg tire store

Several lodging options catered to Jewish guests.

Simenoff's Kuchelein

Marilyn and Dave Rubin's, Rubins Hotel

Nate and Sadie Friedman's The Brookside

Jack Schlush's hotel "in the hills"

This from Welcome Back to the Catskills  by Oscar Israelowitz,

Adelman’s bungalows/ Joseph Adelman

Adler & Rothberg Bungalows 

Chelsea House/ Harry Chickelsky

Feinberg’s Bungalows/ Abraham Feinberg

Gross Manor

Kaplowitz Bungalows 


Winterstein’s / Abram Winterstein


This description of "downtown" from David

I was born in Kerhonkson in 1956, and resided there until 1968 (age 12). My memory of those years is reliable, but not perfect. 

Starting at the bridge, and moving north along the main street: Stand-alone single story building.  Law office of Saul Altholz and Leonard Pomerantz, insurance broker.
Next building: Marty’s Drug Store, Martin Schuster.  Marty’s moved circa 1966 to a new location in a building on the corner of Route 209 and Webster Avenue. 

There was a second storefront, an alleyway and north of the alleyway, Herbert Poppel’s appliance store Herbie, also served as Rochester Justice of the Peace. The bridge in town is named for him.
Next to Poppel’s, Hymie Gutkin’s barber shop. 
Next building: Lipton’s Grocery Store. Harold Lipton proprietor, assisted by his wife Evelyn, and his brother Alvin.

Alvin may have been a butcher, and may have had his own separate store at various times. 

Lipton’s Grocery  Store moved out of downtown to Route 209 and Webster Avenue at the same time that Marty’s Drug Store moved. After the store moved to Route 209, it was just Harold and Evelyn.

Next building: Schneck’s Department Store.  The proprietor was Dave Karp, Dave was a prominent member of the synagogue, an enthusiastic public speaker, and a member of the Lions Club.
Next was a vacant storefront. Pre-1961 it was the location of Lipton’s Grocery Store.
Next came another alleyway. The next building was Sidney Rothenberg’s variety store. 

The next several buildings were  “non-retail” another lawyer’s office,  maybe a realtor’s office and apartments.
The next was Kerhonkson Liquor Store, Ed Weis proprietor, assisted by his wife. Weis’ store had a working neon sign that said “liquor” bracketed to the building. Very cool, still there.

 Next to the liquor store, the Post Office.   Another driveway, and then the Kerhonkson Firehouse. 

Also, on the Main Street, but across the “plaza”, behind the old railroad station, Feinberg’s Tire Store, Henry Feinberg proprietor.

Do you know more about this topic ?  Please get in touch 

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