From Reb Sally Shore Wittenberg

Dear Kerhonkson Synagogue Community and Friends,


Shavuah tov!


I hope this finds you healthy and getting through the winter with ease of mind.


Something I notice each year as we read through the books of the Torah is the disproportionate importance (which we measure by number of mentions) of the calendar observance of holidays, most notably Shabbat. Even before liberation and subsequent exodus from Egypt, G-d instructs Moshe on the significance of new moon. The commandment of Shabbat observance is mentioned at seemingly out of order moments throughout the book of Exodus, repeatedly instructing the newly liberated generation of former slaves that true freedom includes work and a very certain kind of rest. 

Kabbalat Shabbat can be a doorway into what Rabbi Abraham Heschel called "a palace of time", Shabbat.  It could be an ideal service for people who find might find the traditional Shabbat morning service too long, too many words, too much Hebrew, not enough music. 

Or it could be just what you need to unwind from the week, to breathe, to sing, and to connect with your warm Kerhonkson Community.



We are offering the second of our series of three Kabbalat Shabbat Services via Zoom and Facebook Livestream.


Friday evening 6:00PM EST     Please come (and invite friends) to Kabbalat Shabbat with the warm community of the Kerhonkson Synagogue.   Join me, Bill Magaliff, and some Levite singers for a musical and contemplative experience.

Saturday evening 7:00PM EST   Bring in the new moon-th of Adar II in sacred community and intention

Full Schedule of Reb Sally's offerings** is below.


If there are some who have not joined a morning meditation please feel free to drop in any time!

If instruction is desired, please be in touch with me and we can work that into a sit.


With blessings into the week,

Reb Sally       


Sally Shore-Wittenberg

Spiritual Leader Kerhonkson Synagogue 



** Schedule of offerings for this week:


Monday  8:00AM          Jewish mindful meditation: music and sit


 Tuesday    8:00AM        Jewish empathic joy (Mudita) meditation: music and sit


Wednesday   8:00AM    Metta blessing meditation sit

Wednesday    1:00PM      How Sweet It Is:  Sing along with songs from the American Songbook 

                                                        for people with Dementia and their Caregivers 


Wednesday    6:30PM      Ma'ariv   


Wednesday  7:00PM        Mussar open room  “Order"


Thursday  8:00AM            Meditation sit  


Thursday  8:30-9:30 AM    Join us for Shacharit as we contemplatively explore prayers in the morning service.


Friday 8:00AM             Torah teaching and meditation with Nancy Lord!


Friday    6:00PM          Kerhonkson Synagogue Kabbalat Shabbat with Reb Sally and Bill Magaliff    


Saturday  7:00PM           Rosh Chodesh Group for the new moon-th Adar II


Please contact Rabbi Sally for zoom info