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morris Tessler farmer_0894_edited.jpg
     Morris Tessler and his prize horses  1930's

The Jewish Farmer, a Yiddish language magazine devoted to educating new farmers and enhancing agricultural  practices, was published in New York from 1908.-1959.

cohen farm kerhonksonIMG_3128.JPG

Morris Cohen and family on their
Kerhonkson farm, 1933

baron h0902.JPG

Baron Maurice
de Hirsch

peter kaplan_0979_edited.jpg

Peter Kaplan, poultry breeder
Kerhonkson, 1937

         Jewish Farmers

Jewish immigrants seeking to farm had a powerful advocate in

Baron Maurice de Hirsch. 

Hirsch used his fortune to help Jews flee urban poverty by settling them on farms across the US and Canada. The Jewish Agricultural Society and The Jewish Farmer, a Yiddish  monthly, were Hirsch projects, The JAS helped locate and purchase farms, develop cooperatives, provide training in agricultural practices, sanitation, English language...  it also helped farmers attain the necessities of a Jewish community in the wilderness including synagogues, mikvahs, and teachers for religious instruction. 


Settlement was so extensive in this area deemed "The Lower Catskills", that JAS opened an office in Ellenville in 1920.  Chartered in New York in 1900, its mission was to provide Eastern European immigrants with the training to be,

 " free farmers on their own soil…".


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